Facebook  Ads
Done  For  You

Fully managed, done-for-you Facebook and Instagram advertising services

We launch, manage and optimise ad campaigns on an ongoing basis to ensure those campaigns generate as many leads and sales as possible, for the lowest cost.

Campaign  results  for  client

Monthly Budget
People Reached
Sales Generated

Honest  Pricing

15% of monthly ad spend

We charge 15% of your ad spend for ongoing social media advertising management. Our team monitors, strategizes, adjusts, and reports regularly to maximize results with an ongoing monthly fee based on your traffic budget. We’ll optimize your accounts for success, so you’re always ready to take advantage of what social media advertising brings to your business.


Create lasting impact with ad campaigns that drive sales and build brand awareness.

Optimize your social media ad account based on what's performing

Test new creatives, bidding strategies, creatives and offers

Pro-active planning for the coming weeks & months

Send monthly/weekly reports

Who Is This Service For?

Our fully managed done-for-you Facebook advertising and Instagram advertising services are suitable for companies that have at least a R35,000 monthly budget.

Campaign  results  for  client

Monthly Budget
People Reached
Sales Generated